"“A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain.” - Mildred Struven


Jugaad (alternatively Juggaar) is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around, used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated issue. It is used as much to describe enterprising street mechanics as for political fixers. This meaning is often used to signify creativity to make existing things work or to create new things with meagre resources.
It is a kind of out of the box thinking some thing like Life hacks. A jugaad can be thought of more as a survival tactic; A hack, is a kind of intellectual art form. They both express a need to do what needs to be done, without regard to what is conventionally supposed to be possible.
Jugaad is increasingly accepted as a management technique and is recognised all over the world as an acceptable form of frugal engineering at peak in India. 
Check out few sample Jugaad picutres below. 
Protection from rain
Instant refrigerator
Cheap sprinkler
Adhoc heater
Top Bike
Bike Cycle
Protecting eyes when cutting Onion

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