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MS Project - 11 Useful options to set in MS Project 2013

These options will be handy when you create schedules on MS Project 2013.

Navigate to File / Options for setting these options.

Don't show the backstage when opening or saving the files :Check.
Auto-save every: Set value (e.g. 30 minutes)
Save to Computer by default: Check.
Default file location: Set the directory

New task created: Change to Auto scheduled
Auto link inserted or moved tasks: Check.

Default view: Set the most used view here as the default view.

General: Open last file on startup: Check.
Quickly access this number of Recent projects: Set the number.
EVM related options:
Default task Earned Value method:   Set % complete or physical % complete.
Baseline for EVM: Set the baseline.

MS Project - 7 Steps to do EVM in MS Project 2013

Note: The navigation is given for the MS Project 2013.

Step 1: Create the project plan by entering tasks with predecessors, assigning resources, updating resource sheet with the cost details etc.

Step 2: Create a Baseline for the project. (Navigation: Project/Set Baseline/Set Baseline)

Step 3: Update the Actual start dates / % complete.
(Navigation: From Gantt chart screen, View/Tables/Tracking)

Step 4: Update the Status date. The PV calculation depends on the status date.
(Navigation: Project/Status date/Select Status date)

Step 5: Check the EVM values like PV, EV and AC.
(Navigation: View/Tables/More Tables/Earned Value)
The EAC (Estimate At Complete) is calculated by AC+(BAC-EV)/CPI i.e.
ACWP+(Baseline Cost – BCWP)/CPI. VAC = BAC – EAC.

Step 6: Check the Cost Performance Index (CPI).
(Navigation: View/Tables/More Tables/Earned Value Cost Indicators)

Step 7: Check the Schedule Performance Index (SPI):
(Navigation: View/Tables/More Tables/Earned Value Schedule indicators)

MS Project - different variants

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MS Project - What was new?

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