"“A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain.” - Mildred Struven

PMP®:CAPM® - 2 Mnemonics in Quality Management

At VC4U, we love mnemonics, as it is a memory aid. Human memory words by association. To keep a list of terms in memory you need to associate with pictures or other easy and common words. People who do memory records use the power of visualizing. They remember the many things that are shown to them in the same order with the help of visualizing. 

Mnemonics works by associating a list of terms with another word or phrase. The more crazy the mnemonic is, the more easy it is, to remember and recollect (of course this is important) the related terms.  

Though mnemonic involves the use of words, we use pictures portraying the mnemonic. This will help to easily recollect the mnemonic. The first time you frame a mnemonic and try to recollect it the very next day you might fail to recollect it. After all, success is a group of failures. Second time you try you will improve a little bit. Third time you will get full correct. After that it stays there for a long time. 

Check out these 2 mnemonics related to Quality Management. 
1.7 QC tools
2. 7 Quality Management and Control tools

Hope you love these mnemonics. If you need a mnemonic for any PMP related list of terms, please post in the comment. 

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