"“A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain.” - Mildred Struven

Gamification - The new buzz word

Gamification is the application of typical elements of game  playing (e.g. point scoring, 

competition with others, rules of  play) to other areas of activity. 

At VC4U, we love games and we understand the effectiveness of games in training.

The following are the few games we play during our training. 

Answer Question game:

In this game, a participant will say an answer and the next participant will have to say 

the question. This game is very flexible as there is lot of scope for saying the questions 

which suits the answer. This game picks up speed as the participants start saying the 

'answer' creatively. Since the answer is told first and then the question, generally coming 

up with answer takes time.

Inter group Quiz game:

In this game, the participants are divided into groups. One group will ask a question to 

the another group. The other group has to answer within the stipulated time. The groups

takes turn in asking the questions. This is played in 2 modes Open book and Closed book. 

In Open book mode, both the question group and the answering group may use the books 

provided as part of the training. The ground rules are generally framed by the groups. 

Crosswords are a different learning tools. They are tests with clues replacing the 

questions and the hint of number of characters for the answers. 

The crosswords listed in the below post are used. 

PMP®/CAPM® Process game:

This was detailed out in one of our earlier posts. The link is given below. 

Online games: 


We use quizlet.com which provide various gaming options like Flash card mode, Learn 

mode, Scatter mode. Especially for learning the ITTO (Inputs,Tools & Techniques, 

Output) this kind of game is very useful as it helps in learning the ITTO in an intuitive 

way. It helps the participants in learning the unknown through the known. 

Rita Process Game:

This is a game of mapping the process to the correct Process Group. In most cases the 

direct process description is given instead of the process name itself. This lets the think 

about what is done in the process and map it to the Process Group. 


Write about gamification, you can't miss the PMChallenge quiz of the projectmanagement.com. Membership is free. They have 1000s of questions related to PMP. You earn badges based on the number of questions you answer correctly like Brain, Einstein, Rocket Surgeon etc. The quiz motivates you as you keep giving correct answers continuously and it is also soft on your wrong answers. The questions are not like real exam questions mostly. This quiz is useful to evaluate your knowledge on PMP in a pure academic style. 

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