"“A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain.” - Mildred Struven

Brain Breaks - Energize your mind

Brain Breaks are a quick and effective way of changing or focusing the physical and mental state of the learners in your group. They are also a useful tool for students to use to help activate, energize and stimulate their brains.

It is difficult for our brains to focus on some topic continuously for some time. This gets more difficult when the some topic is a formal training and the some duration is the session duration. The most testing time is the after lunch session. 

At VC4U, we understand this and have brain breaks at regular intervals. The tea breaks and the lunch breaks are effectively used for the brain breaks. 

We conduct some creative puzzles, show a mind blowing technology video or a motivational video which will energize the participants minds. It is easy for an energized mind to understand theory or concepts.  

The following are few puzzles are videos that we use. 
>Picture puzzles
>TED videos - flying robots,Intelligent crows
>Video of a Russian female athlete falling down during a race and still struggle to win the race.
>The US kid who became a overnight superstar 
>A little boy failing many times and finally succeeding in breaking a board

Sometimes our participants too suggest inspirational videos. 

For a list of brain break activities other than the ideas mentioned above, visit the below site. 

These are not meant only for school kids. The brain breaks are needed for anybody who is undergoing a training or doing a self study. When you prepare for an exam, when you become tired due to concentration, you can motivate yourself by purposely deviating your mind away from the subject using a brain break. You can continue the next hour of study with an energized mind. 

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