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PMP®:CAPM® - Picture Questions 3

PMP:CAPM - Picture questions 3

Answer these PMP®/CAPM® questions depicted by these pictures

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Highlight between brackets to see the answer:
Answer: (PMO-Project Management Office)
PMP:CAPM - 7 Quality management tools

Answer: (Affinity Diagram,Activity Network Diagram,Tree Diagram)
PMP:CAPM-Cost of Quality

Answer: (Appraisal cost & Internal Failure Cost)
PMP:CAPM - ? management plan

Answer: (Staffing management plan)

Answer: (Enterprise Environmental Factors )

Answer: (M1-Management,M2-Maturity,M3-Model)
PMP:CAPM-Plans and Baselines

Answer: (Project Management Plan)
PMP:CAPM-Procurement match quiz

Answer: (1-B,2-C,3-A,4-D)
PMP:CAPM - Perform Quality Assurance

Answer: (Execution Process Group)
PMP:CAPM-Risk management picture question

Answer: (A-Quantitative , B - Tornado, C - Sensitivity)

PMP®:PMI-ACP®:CAPM® - Brain dump

pmp braindump

What is a brain dump ? 
Brain dump refers to the transfer of a large quantity of information from one person to another or to a storage and retrieval medium.  

Brain dump in PMP/ACP/CAPM exam:

Brain dump in PMP/ACP/CAPM exam refers to writing the important formula or terms and definitions on white papers (don't worry you need not write white papers during the PMP exam, just write on white sheet of paper) provided to you. 

Why brain dump is useful?

After writing a brain dump, you need not fear about forgetting formula or key terms/definitions. Even if you forget you have a back up. It is reported by few PMP exam takers that they had to refer brain dump when they couldn't recollect a formula. 

Where to write brain dump?

In the Prometric center , during your PMP/ACP/CAPM exam. 

When to write brain dump?

After the exam software demo (15 minutes). First 10 minutes during the 4 hour exam you may use for brain dump. 

What to write during brain dump?

EVM formulae
Mapping of 49 processes to Knowledge Areas and Process groups
Sigma accuracy percentage and DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunity) related to Quality
Seven basic quality control tools Seven Quality management and control tools
Conflict resolution methods
Powers of Project Manager
Contract types, Organization types Functional, Projectized and Matrix
Things you fear you may forget

How to practice brain dump?
Practice writing the brain dump regularly. In the beginning your brain dump content might be less but gradually as you prepare more and more , you may increase more contents.