"“A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain.” - Mildred Struven

PMP®:PMI-ACP®:CAPM® - Learning to learn

Learning is the key to success and learning to learn is secret code to success. In this post, I will be sharing few fantastic websites which will help you in your learning regardless of what course it is. 

These websites help you upload your own content and learn them through innovative fun ways. In the first 3 websites, try to search for the content created by other users,if you are lucky, you will land on some goldmine already created and available for your use. 

This site allows you to upload your content and allows to use as Flashcards, Learn mode, Test, Scatter modes. A sample PMP quizlet (use in Learn mode, link in below post) will help you in learning the ITTO in an intuitive way, as it provides you the inputs or outputs or tools and techniques of a process and lets you answer the related process. If you play few times, you will remember the ITTO with a good understanding instead of just memorizing. 

This site allows you to upload your content and present them in a variety of innovative games like Hangman, Matching, Crossword, Quiz, Study stack, Study table,Unscramble and Chopped etc.  

This site allows you to create Flashcards. The presentation is simple and neat.  When you use the flashcards in this site, say for e.g. for terms and definitions, first see a term and then flip to see the definition. Next, click on the next button to see the definition and then flip to see the term. This adds thrill to the participants when you try this for the participants to answer in a round robin. 

This site is  useful for people who do research as it presents your search findings in a mind map like picture. Try searching 'pmp scope management' , it will show key facts, websites, videos, images and concepts on scope management. This site surprises you with quiz on scope management and lets you change the difficulty level of the search result content.   

As these websites are accessible using your mobile, it means you can access them any where any time without losing touch with your subject of study. These kind of learning will help you get a crystal clear understanding of your study materials and increase your confidence level to a right, realistic level. 

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