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Puzzle - Identify these Construction Project results

Identify these Construction Project results
This Puzzle is to check your knowledge of the buildings and structures. Identify these Construction Project results based on the portion of their image. Please be aware that few image portions are inverted.
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Big temple,Tanjore,India
Thirumalai nayakkar mahal, Madurai,India
Saint Basilica church, Russia
Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy
Opera house,Sydney,Australia
Big Ben clock tower, London
Blue church, Greece
Burj khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Colloseum, Rome
Eiffel Tower, France
Empire State building, USA
Golden temple, Amritsar,Punjab
Great wall of china, China
Llyods building, London
Rameswaram temple,India
Space needle, Seattle,USA
Sphinx, Egypt.
Gate way of India,Mumbai,India
Charminar, Hyderabad,India
Padmanabhapuram palace,Thiruvananthapuram,India 
Swami narayan temple,Georgia
Parliament building,New Delhi, India

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