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PMP - PMP® and PMBOK® Challenge!!

PMP® and PMBOK® Challenge!!
Find these numbers related to PMP® and PMBOK®!
Each number mean something. Your challenge is to find that something. There can be many things related to a given number. If your answer is closest to our answer, you can score a point for you. Answers will be revealed on 8th Feb 2016.Alternately you can add few numbers to the puzzle (through the comments) and enhance the challenge.

2 types of scope, Product scope & Project scope
2 types of Cost of Quality
3 point estimate
3 types of PMO
3 types of dependencies. 
3 types of Cost estimates
4 types of task dependencies.
4 hours. PMP exam duration.
5 Process Groups
5 current version of PMBOK

7. rule of 7 in Control chart.
7 Quality control tools
7 Quality management & Control tools
7 % questions from Closing Process Group
10 Knowledge Areas
11 Tools & Techniques of Collect Requirements
13 % questions from Initiating Process Group
24 % questions from Planning Process Group
25 Pretest Questions which wont be scored
25 % questions from Monitoring & Controling Process Group

31 % questions from executing Process Group
49 Processes
100 % rule in WBS
129 $129. PMI membership fee
175 Scored Questions   
200 Questions in the PMP exam
405 $404. PMP exam fee for members

555 $555. PMP exam fee for non members

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