"“A clay pot sitting in the sun will always be a clay pot. It has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcelain.” - Mildred Struven

PMP®:CAPM® - Knowledge Area and Process Group mapping chart and a Game

As per PMBOK® there are 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas. Each of the 10 Knowledge Areas has set of Processes. There are 49 Processes. These 49 Processes can be mapped to the 5 Process Groups based on the time period when these Processes are performed. 

As part of the PMP®/CAPM® classroom training, we provide 4 pages of laminated sheets consisting 3 pages of Formulae and 1 page of the Knowledge Area / Process Group mapping sheet. 
Using this sheet you can view the Processes of each Knowledge Area horizontally and the Processes of each Process Group vertically. 

The reason these pages are laminated is, as these sheets will be used frequently by the PMP®/CAPM® participants. A laminated sheet will be easy to hold and refer the contents comfortably than a paper. 

During training we involve the participants in a game which will help them familiarize with the Knowledge Areas/Process Group and the 49 Processes.

The participants will be given a set of 49 bits of paper each having one Process name printed on it. 
The objective of the game is to recreate the Knowledge Area/Process Group mapping chart on the table without any help. 

Of course the participants will make mistakes. Mistakes are golden opportunities for learning, we shouldn't miss them. As per the quote "If you're not making mistakes,then you're not doing anything", mistakes are common when we do anything new.

The common mistakes by the participants are as follows.
1. Mapping "Manage Quality" process to Monitoring & Controlling Process Group.
2. Mapping "Identify Risks" to Initiation Process Group

Once the mapping is done by the participants as a group, we ask them to evaluate their mapping with the help of the Knowledge Area/Process Group mapping chart.

We provide the following tips during the mapping process i.e. which words indicate which process.
1. Activity - Schedule Management
2. Plan - Planning Process Group
3. Manage - Execution Process Group
4. Control - Control Process Group. (Validate Scope is the only exception)
5. Close - Closing Process Group
6. Team - Resource Management
7.  Project Work - Integration Management